I Hear You Season 2 Confirmed? Read Latest Updates

I Hear You is a Chinese drama series based on the web novel titled “The Most Pleasant Thing To Hear” written by Shi Xiao Zha. Ever since the show concluded in February 2019, the loving fans of the drama have been looking forward to I Hear You Season 2. Here’s all you need to know about it.

What draws you into this drama is the chemistry shared by the lead pair. The characters have profound depth while portraying a simple lifestyle instead of something that is over the top. A lot of the fans of the show complained that despite the ending of the first season being a happy one, it didn’t stand up to their expectations. This is another reason why most of them have been asking for Season 2, as it can be a means to rectify everything.

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I Hear You Season 2: Confirmed? Updates on the next installment

I Hear You Season 2 Announcement & Release Date

Unfortunately, the second season hasn’t been confirmed by the creators of the show. There is no release date lined up for the next season either. The first season started airing from 28 January 2019 and went on for 24 episodes till 11 February 2019.  It seems like the production of the show is at a standstill and Season 2 may not be on the cards. If anything changes or if the official sources release an official announcement, we won’t keep that information from you. We will keep you updated.

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I Hear You Storyline

The story focusses on Bei Er Duo, a girl coming from a middle class background who aspires to study in Japan and become a professional voice actress. However, her mother has laid out different plans for her since she wants her to marry a rich suitor. Out of compulsion, she has to go to several blind dates, something that seeks to lead her astray from her envisioned choice of path. Eventually, fate brings her closer to Ye Shu Wei, a violin maker.

Season 1 of I Hear You is streaming on Netflix.

I Hear You Season 2 Characters

If the series returns in the future, it would be better if the old cast comes back as well. The audience already feels attached to the old characters and a newer version of the show would ruin that.

  • Bei Er Duo played by Rosy Zhao
  • Ye Shu Wei played by Riley Wang
  • Yu Sheng played by Yuan Hao
  • Le Tian played by Zhang Jiong Min
  • Tang Li played by Gratitude Dai
  • Lady  Ye played by Hu Cai Hong

I Hear You Season 2 Trailer

Since we don’t have a trailer for Season 2 yet, check out the trailer of I Hear You Season 1 below:

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