Irresistible Love Season 2: Plot and Release Dates, Stories and More Updates!

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Overview: Irresistible Love Season 2

These days pretty minimal is written or being produced in movies about the LGBTQ community. Considering the day and age we live in, same sex alliances are quite common and being seen even next doors. On these lines, there was a Chinese movie that came out in 2016 with two male leads gracing the screen. Irresistible Love ( translating to Uncontrolled Love) is the story of two boys who meet in teenage to eventually outgrow the conventional society. The movie has been appreciated and loathed at the same time. The movie got enough popularity to be serialized into a show. The show bears the same name and was recently released.

Irresistible Love Season 2: Plot and Release Dates, Stories and More Updates!

The first movie release happened in June 2016. This was immediately followed by the a second movie in August in the same year. the movie has some awesome people who have put in their hearts and souls for delivering a wonderful cinematic experience. Its directors are Sun Cheng Zhi and Meng Rui.

The one thing that makes this show different from most other shows is its double ending. While there are the last 10 minutes of the show, it reveals the two endings that the creators proposed. one in which Shu Nian dies in a car accident and the other in which he survives. This type of endings are pretty much unheard of for conventional audiences, However, this gives the makers enough choice and a vote from the audience on how they would like their favorite show to end. Now let us talk about the number of episodes the Season 2 has. There are in total 16 episodes. The total runtime of the show is a little on the lower side of 3.5 hours.

Release date of Irresistible Love Season 2

The makers waited every minute of the pandemic year to reach the end of December and finally release the first episode. The first episode of Irresistible Love Season 2 came out on December 29, 2020 finally putting to rest all the rumors about it. The episodes were released in segments first. The final six episodes were released altogether on January 7, 2021.

Irresistible Love Season 2: Plot and Release Dates, Stories and More Updates!

Official Announcement

There were enough rumors making rounds on the internet about the release dates of the show. However, it was always known that the show will definitely return for new season. The two reasons that generally causes a show to return are its popularity and revenue generated. Since, the show talks about a sensitive topic that is although a taboo but requires awareness at the same time. Also, the show garnered enough attention from the critics and people alike. There is also news about the critics recommending the show to viewers. It is also said that the show’s return could be hugely credited to them.

Storyline of Irresistible Love Season 2

Irresistible Love Season 2 sees more confusion in the lives of Xie Yan and Shu Nian. They still are finding it hard to come face to face with their forbidden feelings. Xie Yan finally realizes that Shu Nian is the person he loves. After Shu Nian confesses his feelings to Xie, the latter expects Nian to leave for abroad to study further. This confuses Nian. Ke Luo and Shu Nian get close and become great friends. Luo causes a lot of drama in the office party. A lot of drama ensues that finally lead to the double endings that we have been talking about.

Sad Ending: Xie learns that Shu Nian dies in a car accident. He is devastated and isolates himself. Lets head to the happy ending.

Happy Ending: Three years later, Xie learns about Shu Nian who is crippled from the car accident. They finally end up together.


Irresistible Love Season 2 stars Wang Bowen, He Ya Meng, Li Na, and Zhou Jun Chao.

The Social Media Buzz

There is a lot of buzz about the show on various social media platforms.

Irresistible Love Season 2 is available on Hotpot for free! So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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