Is “Castlevania Season 3” releasing TODAY on Netflix, 1 December 2019 Release Date True??

A rumor is spreading that Castlevania season 3 is going to land on Netflix in December 2019. The information is that Castlevania is going to stream on 1st December in this year only.

Castlevania was among the best two animated series on Netflix. The first season consisted of 4 episodes, and then the second season was produced. And last year season 3 development was announced to inform Castlevania fans.

The Castlevania season 2 ended on 26th October 2018. Yes, we have waited more than one year to watch the new season 3 of Castlevania, but let’s hope for the best.

Confirmed: "Castlevania Season 3" is COMING to Netflix this DECEMBER 2019, Plot & More

The rumor that set the fire was extracted from twitter. The tweet was done by Netflix Nordic. In the tweet is was stated that Castlevania 1/12. So the audience predicted that Castlevania might get air on 1st December 2019.  Or maybe it was mistakenly posted by the account.

As the official account of Netflix didn’t post it nor the final list of December includes the name of Castlevania in it, so there are chances that it might not eventually` happen.

Though it was not the first time, Netflix released dates with errors and mistakes. They have done this many times, and rumors caused due to the negligence.

We still wait for any official announcement or declaration from Netflix regarding Castlevania season 3. As it was just a rumor, and we don’t have the final confirmation from Netflix.

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