Is Justin Bieber HIDING that Hailey Baldwin is PREGNANT, Couple is amid a new Pregnancy Rumor, Again

After Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin’s official wedding ceremony in September, rumors are on fire that they are expecting a baby.

In a recent interview, Justin said that he couldn’t wait to start a family with Hailey, but we don’t know if this means that Hailey is pregnant or not. Justin had also posted a video on Instagram in which some parents are playing with their child, and the child is laughing the whole time…he also captioned it as ” This is something I look forward to :).” He also hinted his love for having his own babies when he posted a picture with Hailey in Disney World captioned “Love dates with you baby and one day and one day I’ll be doing daddy daughter’s date.”

On the other hand Hailey not as ready as Justin to have a baby right now as she also promoted Birth Control. Justin’s mon was very excited about the news, though. She says that she is looking forward to being called a grandma and also says that her son and Hailey will make beautiful children and are going to be great parents.

Justin has been improving himself as a person for the last six months now. He’s growing up from being a boy to man. He wants to be a man full of integrity and love. He wants to become a good husband and a wonderful dad. Hailey is also somewhat ready to become a parent, but they have left it all upon god’s grace and timing. They say they don’t want to plan too much for things right now and just wanna go with the flow.

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