Is Michael Hall Returning as & in Dexter Season 9 coming back? Expected Release Date, [New] Cast, Plot & More

The previous season of Dexter premiered on June 30, 2013, which was its eighth season and starting of the series was from 2006 from which the series was quite popular till 4th season and won several awards also, but from 5th season the ratings of series dropped down but the eighth season was popular enough to gain high ratings and was seemed to be last season.

Star Michael C Hall gave some hints in an interview that they will be possibly revisiting Dexter, and he wants to listen to some more ideas that can make it worth it. For his part, he is just waiting for a good idea, which can possibly make revisit of Dexter, but that isn’t confirmed so far.

According to him its too early to think of revival as we know in the final episode, Dexter fakes his death and his sister Debra sadly passes away, so there could be a chance of surprising and a bang on return of Dexter and the wait will not be disappointing as the character already has a huge fan base.

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