Will We See ‘Breaking Bad Season6’? Is Walter White Alive? Laura Fraser May Not Return To Season 6 According To Plot. Read All Possibilities Below

Breaking Bad is the series which have genres like Crime drama, Thriller, Neo-Western, Black comedy, and Tragedy. So far, five seasons of Breaking Bad have been released.

Season 1 was released from January 20, 2008, to March 9, 2008. Season 2 was aired from March 8, 2009, to May 31, 2009.

Season 3 was released from March 21, 2010, to June 13, 2010. Season 4 was aired from July 17, 2011, to October 9, 2011. Season 5 was released from July 15, 2012, to September 29, 2013. Season 1 has seven episodes. Season 2,3,4 have 13 episodes. Season 5 has 16 episodes.

Episodes were premiered on AMC. And there has been a movie named El Camino: A Breaking Bad released on Netflix on October 11, 2019. Season 1 was able to get 83% rating by Rotten Tomatoes and Season other season were able to get 100% rating by Rotten Tomatoes.

Even after 7 years of its closure and season 5, series remains to be among the top 10 shows in 2019. This shows how much the audience liked the show.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Release Date

Probably there will be season 6 of Breaking Bad, but there hasn’t been any confirmed news yet if there is going to be season 6. Yet, there are sources that say it will release in August 2020.

However, if it has to release, it seems difficult to release in 2020 due to 2 reasons. Firstly, Aaron Paul aka Jessi Pinkman is busy with other shows. Secondly, the COVID-19 situation has put a halt on all the shows, including the ones with confirmed release dates.

So, we can’t say anything about the release date because now, even that is yet to be announced that there will be season 6.

Breaking Bad Season 6 Cast

We can’t afford any cast members for sure because we don’t know yet if there is going to be Season 6 of Breaking Bad.

We can expect that Bryan Cranston will be back as Walter White.

Laura Fraser can be seen as Lydia Rodarte-Quayle. But, there’s a catch. Lydia was given ricin by Walter White in Season 5 end and Lydia’s death is confirmed in El Camino movie. So, we may not see Laura Fraser in Breaking Bad again if the series includes the plot of El Camino.

Jesse Plemons can be reappearing as Todd Alquist. We can also see some more cast from the previous season and also expect some new faces.

What To Expect From Breaking Bad Season 6?

We can expect that it will continue the storyline from season 5, or it may pick up the storyline from the movie.

Nothing for sure, we can also expect some more twist in the story. But one thing is for sure that is it will be entertaining just like the previous seasons.

Until then, stay tuned for more updates.


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