‘Jaden Smith’ is DEPRESSED coz ‘Will Smith’ is NOT ACCEPTING ‘Tyler the Creator’ as his BOYFRIEND

Will Smith’s son Jaden Smith openly announced that he is dating Tyler The Creator. He announces his relationship on the stage of Camp Flag Naw. Follow from that day; there are many buzzes around like, Is Will Smith not happy with this relationship? Are they really dating? There were many questions that arise.

Karate kid Jaden during Camp Flag Naw said that Jaden Smith is Gay and Tyler The Creator is his world, and he loves him so much. Also, when Tyler won the Golden Globes 2020, he tweeted, “My boyfriend just won Grammy,” and in response to his tweet Tyler told him He is a crazy man.

Tyler is quite shy about all this personal stuff. But it is quite confusing. Are they joking or indirectly confirming? Some say its just a publicity stunt or they are serious about this.

'Jaden Smith' is DEPRESSED coz 'Will Smith' is NOT ACCEPTING 'Tyler the Creator' as his BOYFRIEND

There were also rumors of Will Smith and His wife pissed off about Jaden Smith Gay but later they clear the air, and they said, they are not upset on him for being gay, they are really worried about his health as he is suffering from illness and want him to focus more on health. Jaden is suffering from Life-Threatening Malnutrition Disease.

They confirmed his disease in September when he started turning pale. It happens due to an imbalance of diet. He was getting worst as he is not getting enough protein due to a vegan diet. But now he is recovering. Well, we pray for his recovery.

Famous singer Will Smith’ s son Jaden was born on 8th July in 1998 in Malibu, California, USA. And Tyler The Creator is 28 years old. It will be interesting to see what actually is between these two. Stay tuned with us.

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