Josh Hutcherson returning as & in Future Man Season 3 to save the world one last time: Release Date & More Details

All loose ends will be covered in the last and final season of Future Man.

Streaming giants, Hulu just lost two of its show. Preacher and Future Man both have been renewed for one season, but sadly, that season will be the last of the series.

Future Man Season 3 Plot 

Future Man is a time-traveling comedy series that follows Josh Futterman, the main protagonist portrayed by Josh Hutcherson. Josh is a janitor by day and a world-ranked gamer by night. Josh’s boring, disappointing life takes a tumultuous turn when out of the blue, two unknown persons came to recruit him.

They need Josh’s help in preventing the death of millions because of a future invasion of planet Earth. According to his visitors, Josh is the key to stopping the invasion and defeating the superior race behind invasion. Josh joins the team to stop the invasion. Thereafter, the team travels to different timelines facing new challenges and overcoming them to succeed in their objective.

What will happen in Future Man Season 3 Season 3?

Towards the end of season 2, the trio had screwed the entire world history. As a result, Entertainment convicts the team of time crimes and punishes them with death. The trio evade capture by traveling in various timelines and try to absolve themselves of the time crime by fixing their mistake of messing with the time-line.

The newly released teaser of season 3 reveals that trio will travel to various periods and meet legendary figures. Some of these figures are political leaders like Abraham Lincoln and Gandhi.

Future Man Season 3 Cast 

Apart from Josh Hutcherson, the cast of the show includes actors and actresses such as Derek Williams as the wolf and Eliza Coupe as Tiger, Haley Joel Osment as Dr. Stu Camillo among others. Seth Rogen Evan Goldberg Matt Tolmach Ben Karlin James Weaver Kyle Hunter Ariel Shaffir are executive producers of the show.

Future Man Season 3 Release Date

Eight episodes of Season 3 of Future Man will be released on 3rd April 2020.

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