Kim Jong Un Is Back After Disappearance Due To Health Concerns. Read All Details About His Disappeance & Re-appearance

Kim Jong is the North Korean leader of North Korea Since 2011. Kim Jong Un is the dictator of North Korea, where elections are not fair.

Kim Jong Un – Health Issues

Around the year 2009, it came in public that he is diabetic and been suffering from hypertension. And he also smokes cigarettes.

In 2014 he did not appear in any public places for around six weeks. And then it was all over the news that he has been suffering from some physical condition. Before this disappearance, he did having some trouble while walking. And then after six weeks when he made an appearance, he was using a stick for walking.

Recent Disappearance

Recently in April 2020, Kim Jong Un again disappeared from public places, which directly led the public that he is dead.

Daily NK reported that he had gone to the hospital for cardiovascular surgery on April 12 while the CNN news was spreading the news that on April 21, Kim’s state was in grave danger after the surgery.

There has also been rumoring that he is currently in a Vegetative state after heart surgery, and the other rumor was like that, he isn’t making public appearances due to coronavirus pandemic.

Kim Jong Un Public Re-appearance Dropped All Rumours

On May 1, 2020, Kim Jong Un was at a ribbon-cutting the newly-opened fertilizer factory, and that news was given by Korean Central News Agency with the Pictures.

So once again, Kim Jong Un did disappeared and reappeared and showed the world that he is still living no need to be happy so soon.

Still, that is a mystery where did he was gone during this time of period and what exactly happened to him. Stay tuned for more updates.

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