Kiss Me First Season 2 :Release Date, Everything We need to Know!

Kiss me first is a British Cyber-Thriller Drama created by Bryan Elsley, it’s based on the novel by Lottie Moggach. The series was aired on Channel 4. It premiered on 2nd April 2018 to 7th May 2018. The first three episodes have been directed by Misha Manson-Smith and the last three episodes have been directed by Tom Green. After the release of Season 1 in 2018 fans have been waiting for Kiss Me First Season 2 ever since.

Kiss me First Season 2 Storyline

Kiss me first centers around Leila, a 17-year old lonely teenager, who finds solace in an online game called Azana. She meets Tess in the game, both of them are completely opposite. They soon become friends, but Tess gets disappeared and Leila has to find out what happened to her. She joins forces with Adrian, who spies on her in the game. It is revealed that Adrian is the mastermind behind the whole thing and in the final episode after Leila and Adrian’s confrontation in the VR, he tells her that a new adventure is coming, sowing the seeds of Kiss Me First Season 2.

The Official Announcement

There hasn’t been any confirmation of the new season so far, but the executive producer Melanie Stokes said “We’re hoping to make a returning series.” Rising the hopes of the fans, also the season 1 ended at a cliffhanger. There is also to note that the series was not very popular with the critics, with an IMDb rating of 6.3 out of just 3,269 ratings and 50% on Rotten tomatoes.

Kiss Me First Season 2 also got low viewership compared to other shows. So there’s a 50-50 chance of a new season being announced. Depends on whether Netflix thinks it’s profitable or not. Also, COVID-19 Pandemic has resulted a lot of loss in the entertainment industry, so Netflix might not invest in a show which is least likely to garner interest from the wider audience.

The Cast

Most of the cast members would probably be back for Kiss Me First Season 2. Tallulah Haddon as the protagonist Leila, Simona Brown as Tess, Matthew Beard as Adrian Palmer, Matthew Aubrey as Jonty, all should be back for the new season.

Also, George Jovanovic as Cyril Niemic, Freddie Stewart as Kyle, Misha Butler as Jack Innes, Haruke Abe as Tomiko Teshima, Samuel Bottomley as Ben, Philip Arditti as Azul, Geraldine Somerville as Ruth Palmer should be back as well.

Kiss Me First Season 2 Netflix Release Date Updates: Everything We Know

Kiss Me First Season 2 Release Date

No Release Date has been announced yet, and the clock is also ticking for the show, as fans would slowly lose interest on the new show, as the studios keep delaying. Our best guess for the show would be somewhere around mid-2021 to early-2022, bearing in mind all the production hassles, they have to go through.

The Trailer

Kiss me first is available on Netflix and on Channel 4 for British Viewers. So those of you, who haven’t watched it can go over there and check it out.

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