KonoSuba Season 3: Anime Series S3 Confirmed!! Know The Release Details & Volumes. Read All Details Here

KonoSuba is one of the most loved animes worldwide, and now the fans are waiting for the show’s next season. KonoSuba is an adaptation of the light novel series KonoSuba: God’s Blessing On This Wonderful World! It has been quite some time since the last season aired. But the most awaited season 3 of KonoSuba has been recently confirmed by Jun Fukushima and Rie Takahashi, the voice actors for the main KonoSuba characters Kazuma and Megumin.

KonoSuba Season 3: Anime Series S3 Confirmed!!
KonoSuba Season 3: Anime Series S3 Confirmed!!

The second season of the series ended with a message that said KonoSuba would return in the future. Fans are hyped since it is conceivable that season 3 would give them more of Kazuma, Megumin, Aqua, and Darkness. There were a lot of rumors that season 3 of KonoSuba has been canceled out by the creator Natsume Akatsuki.

Konosuba Season 3: Source Material For The Third Installment

The light novel series from which the show has been adapted has a total of sixteen volumes. The previous two seasons of the anime adaptation covered the first two volumes of the novel. Whereas, Crimson Legend, the movie released in August last year, covered the plot of the fifth volume.

Since there are several volumes still to be adapted in a series or a movie, the third season of the series has more than enough source material to cover. Moreover, the remaining number of volumes left can further be used to create several other anime seasons as well.

Konosuba Season 3: Expected Release Date

Director of the series Takaomi Kanasaki released Crimson Legend, the movie that covers the plot of the fifth volume of the novel in August last year. After the cancellation news of season 3 was confirmed as fake, with Jun Fukushima and Rie Takahashi confirming the third season.

KonoSuba Season 3: Anime Series S3 Confirmed!!
KonoSuba Season 3: Anime Series S3 Confirmed!!

It was rumored that KonoSuba Season 3 will be released in June-2021, although nothing is confirmed yet. The production house of the anime has not announced anything official about the release date of season 3. The current situation of the COVID-19 pandemic can further add to the postponement of the third season.

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