Kung Fu Hustle 2 Release Date Confirmed? Coming in 2024?

Kung Fu Hustle 2 release date is not announced yet, therefore we could only speculate when the next season of the series is going to return. Fans are very excited about the series and are eagerly waiting.



Kung Fu Hustle is an action-comedy movie that hit the theatres in China on 23rd December 2004, Kung Fu Hustle 2 followed by its release in the USA on 25th December the same year. Stephen Chow was appreciated by the audience for his tremendous acting as the lead role in the film as well as his far-sighted direction.

Moreover, he also produced the movie along with Po-Chu Chui and Jeffery Lau. It proved to be a huge success with a box office collection of USD 17 million in North America and USD 84 million in other regions. Other than that, it also received a 90% approval on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Possible Story

The story is set in 1940s Shanghai, where every elite place is under the control of goons, where even the police I helpless in front of their power. The only places that are in peace are the slums, where the goons are not interested.

Two losers Sing and Bone, enter one such place called Pig Sty to stream attention from the Axe Gang, one of the most powerful gangs around. The movie is a comical yet dark take on the story of their lives and whether or not they succeed at whatever that is they intend.

Sixteen years after its release, Stephen Chow has finally announced a sequel to it to be released soon which is kung fu hustle 2. He said that there is a chance that he might not start in the upcoming movie, and it is more of a “spiritual follow-up” than a direct sequel, although he might make a cameo appearance. There were rumors that Chow was, in fact, planning a prequel of the original movie in 2005, which later got shelved due to his other commitments.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Release Date Confirmed? Coming in 2024?

Moreover, he said in an interview that preparations for the kung fu hustle Sequel would start once he wraps up his current project of the sequel of his 2016 movie ‘The mermaid.’

Time will only tell us whether the idea will be implemented or will this one get lost amongst his other projects like last time.

Stephen Chow will Return in Kung Fu Hustle 2?

The first Kung Fu Hustle was composed and coordinated by Stephen Chow, so it is anything but a significant shock that he’ll be in charge of the establishment’s most current passage. While Chow initially made his name in his local China as an entertainer, showing up as far back as the mid-1980s, he’s turned his eye more toward coordinating as of late. His first turn behind the camera came in 1994’s From Beijing with Love, yet he really burst onto the American film scene with the clique great Shaolin Soccer in 2001.

After three years, Kung Fu Hustle advanced into theaters, driving American crowds to consider what Chinese moviegoers had known for quite a long time. The film earned almost general recognition from American analysts, with the Washington Post portraying it as having “Buster Keaton’s gymnastic innovativeness, Sergio Leone’s troublemaker posing and the Three Stooges’ prank franticness.” Now over 10 years after the fact, fans are tingling to perceive what Chow has at his disposal next.

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Release Date Confirmed? Coming in 2024?

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Development Status

Any fans hoping to see the subsequent stage in the experiences of Sing and the occupants of Pig Sty Alley could be disillusioned with the most recent portion. While Chow unquestionably affirmed that Kung Fu Hustle 2 is underway, he says that the film will be all the more a “profound development” to the first. In that manner, the new film could presumably be better described as all the more a reboot than a continuation. Well after considering all these and more, We just keep our fingers crossed that officials go for the next season because we fans are dying for the upcoming one! Aren’t you?

Kung Fu Hustle 2 Release Date

That news opens a ton of opportunities for what the new flick could be about. If the most recent movie isn’t straightforwardly about Sing and his partners, it could, in any case, include one of his relatives or some different occupants of Pig Sty Alley.

There is likewise an opportunity that we could see the arrival of a modified and reconstituted Ax Gang, or possibly one of the different packs that threatened the zone. At long last, it merits inquiring as to whether the new film will even be called Kung Fu Hustle or will pass by another title. In fact, riddles flourish.

Kung Fu Hustle Trailer

Currently, we don’t have an official Trailer for Kung Fu Hustle 2, but we will try and bring it to you once the Officials do so. However, you can the trailer for the first movie here.

Where to Watch Kung Fu Hustle 2?

Kung Fu Hustle is available on Netflix and you can stream the movie there. Kung Fu Hustle 2 will most likely be coming to Netflix too after its release.

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