‘Logan Paul’ is DATING!!! ‘Tana Mongeau’ only to PISS OFF!!! Brother ‘Jake Paul’ & Here’s Why

New level in sibling Rivalry unlocked

Netizens all around the world were in for a rude shock when content creator Logan Paul went on a date with her ex-sister-in-Law Tana Mongeau. Logan and Tana were spotted cuddling and drinking coffee.

This created a storm on social media. Two days later, it clarified that everything was just a prank on fans and Jake Paul. Tana and Jake parted ways after a six-month marriage. Jake is Logan’s elder brother.

What happened?

Internet celebrity Logan Paul posted warm pics of himself with Tana Morgeau on Twitter with the caption, “I can say, without a doubt, it has been so far one of the most horrifying experiences of my life.” Tana further added fuel to the fire when she posted a Tik Tok video calling Logan, her boyfriend.

New Romance, however, came to an abrupt end. After 24 hours, Tana said, “Logan and I really tried, but I just don’t think we’re compatible,” Logan confirmed the same.

image source:hollywoodlife.com

What about Jake?

Jake Paul did not take the entire episode well. Jake sent Logan a lengthy text expressing his anger. In his text Jake said

“As I saw it in your eyes today and I know the look, and it’s the look deep down in your eyes that the old Logan had, and it’s like ‘I will do anything for content regardless of who or what it affects,'”

The text further said that “It triggers like a PTSD in me with a situation that actually really affected me and it just hurts my heart, I guess. “I feel like it’s the old f*cking version of you, which I hate, and I know you hate that old version of you, and I feel like you’re going back there to make content and if that content harms people…you don’t care.”

Everything was a Joke

The text led Logan to apologize for his deeds, and he later clarified that the whole thing was a prank. Jake replied, saying that lengthy text was his way of getting back at Logan for playing a prank on him.

One thing is crystal clear Social Media is more deceiving than looks.

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