Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

Wandering Witch: The Journey of Elaina also known as Majo no Tabitabi Season 2 in an upcoming fantasy Japanese anime based on a light novel series written by Jougi Shiraishi and illustrated by Azure. Published by SB Creative, it has over 17 volumes since 2016. Its anime television series adaptation by C2C aired from October to December 2020. Directed by Toshiyuki Kubooka and written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu, it is aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, KBS, SUN, BS11.

Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Release Date

As of today, Studio C2C, or any company related to the anime production has not officially confirmed The Wandering Witch: The journey of Elaina Season 2 release date. The first season can be streamed on Funimation, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.

Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Plot

Fascinated by the stories of Niké, who is supposed to be a renowned witch who traveled and had numerous adventures across the world. Elaina aspires to take the same course. Her determination of studying books and magic leads to her becoming the youngest apprentice witch to pass the sorcery exam. this story is told through her diary entries.

However, when Elaina attempts to receive training in order to become a full-fledged witch, she is rejected due to her extraordinary talents until she finds Fran, the “Stardust Witch,” who accepts her. After earning her title, the “Ashen Witch,” Elaina begins her exploration around the world, visiting and facing all kinds of people and places. this young witch faces many trials and eventually, success touches her feet. she meets different people from different walks of life and learns their stories.

Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Release Date and Everything You Need to Know

In the last episode, 12, Elaina arrives in a country that claims to make wishes come true. Once she heads inside, she notices that the locations are places she previously visited. When Elaina goes to Mirarosé’s castle, she learns there are many versions of herself. At a meeting, it is revealed that one of the Elainas has been attacking everyone. Shortly thereafter, the violent Elaina shows up. When the real Elaina wonders why the violent Elaina is doing this, she admits that she wants everyone to experience the same pain she feels as she never got over what happened in Rostolf.

Following an exhausting battle, the real Elaina makes peace with the violent Elaina. When they return to the castle, both Elainas decide to turn their diaries into a book titled ‘Wandering Witch’. Afterward, Elaina is in another country when she bumps into a girl named Amnesia and they accidentally switch their books in the process. Elaina reveals that she and Amnesia will travel together in the future.

Majo no Tabitabi Season 2: Cast

Elaina voiced by  Kaede Hondo, Fran voiced by Kana Hanazawa, Saya voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa, Sheila voiced by Yōko Hikasa, among others.


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