Netflix Confirms “Order Season 2” Dark Magic Wizards and Werewolves will continue fighting each other!!!

The fight is not over yet

Supernatural Fantasy drama tv series The Order got renewed for another season, and fans are delighted with the decision. Details about Production and shooting of the show continue to be a mystery. Season 2 may be available on the streaming platform in 2020. The show is created by Dennis Heaton and Shelly Erikson. Critics and viewers both enjoyed the show

What is Order about?

Order is about a college student Jack Morton played by Jake Manley. Jack joins a secret society, Blue Rose of Hermetic Order, to learn and practice Dark magic. As he integrates himself into society, Jack discovers a dark family secret and a hidden battle between werewolves and magical dark arts.

Netflix announced the second season through a video which features all cast members are standing around an old dusty book. Book reveals the word season 2 on coming in contact with some sort of portion.

Netflix Confirms "Order Season 2" Dark Magic Wizards and Werewolves will continue fighting each other!!!

Who are the new guys in Order Season 2?

Like the first season, the second season will also consist of ten episodes. Main Cast of Jake Manley as Jack Morton, Sarah Grey as Alyssa Drake, Katharine Isabelle, Adam DiMarco, Louriza Tronco will reprise their roles. Moreover, Some new actors and actresses will also join the cast. The list includes Olesia Shewchuk will be playing a Ballet Teacher, Kyle Strauts will be portraying a new werewolf. Furthermore, Grace Dove will be joining the cast as Ellie Taylor.

What will happen in Order Season 2?

Season 1 ended on a cliffhanger, and fans are guessing that Season 2 will revolve around Vera and how she handles things. In addition to that One of the actors in the show spilled some more details about the show and said

“I think having these rogue hides in you and forgetting that you are a Knight means that you’re not necessarily in control of your transformations,”

Order Season 2 release date

As of now, there is no news about the release date of the second season.

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