Noblesse Episode 10 Release Date, Plot & Other Spoiler Discussion

Noblesse Episode 10  is the upcoming episode of the anime series. The story revolves around Cadis Etrama Di Raizel; mostly referred to as Rai. A powerful noble asleep for more than 800 years. After finally waking up, he realizes all that has passed. Slowly but steadily, he makes peace with the technological advancements with the help of his servant Frankenstein. He joins the school and makes friends with teenagers who all are adventurous.

Noblesse is a journey that the viewer undertakes with Rai and his friends.

Noblesse Episode 10 Release Date, Plot & Other Spoiler Discussion

Episode 10 mainly focuses on the brewing tension between Hammer and Seira. Their clash is much hyped, and we see great music and visuals to express the supernatural war like scene. Seria finally destroys Hummer with the Death Scythe. She, however, also annihilates the surroundings.

Rai is also seen in Episode 10 as the dominator when he makes Crans crawl without saying anything. During all this hustle, Takeo is also struggling to get past Frank but does not. However, this impresses Frank way too much.

We get to see Rai trying to absorb everybody’s strengths to get a booster. In the meanwhile, Tao gives up his life for Crans to help him combat Rai. Suddenly there is woo pleading for Tao’s life. The episode ends with Seria saving Takeo from Frank.

Noblesse Episode 10 Release Date

So, the much-awaited release date is finally here. You get to see your favorite anime in action on 10th December 2020. Be there at 10.00 am in front of your screens!

Official Announcement

After having waited for so long, the makers finally announced the release date putting. The anime fans had a sigh of relief afterward.


Cast – Noblesse Episode 10

We have the main lead Cadis Etrama Di Raizel a.k.a. Rai in every episode. This one, however, sees Woo Ikhan (voice of Takuma Nagatsuka), Takeo (Takeo Ōtsuka), Tao (Masatomo Nakazawa), Seira J. Loyard (Ai Kayano) come to the foreground.

Check out the trailer below with English subtitles:

Noblesse Episode 10 is available on Crunchyroll. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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