Odd Girl Out Chapter 237: Release Date, Will it air in 2021?

Odd Girl Out is a famous Korean Webtoon created by Morangji. “The World Of My 17” is a popular web drama based on this Webtoon. After a successful winter break makeover, Nari is finally ready for her high school debut. But somehow, she ends up making friends with the three most popular and prettiest girls in the school. This Webtoon follows Nari as she tries to navigate her brand new high school life and experience surrounded by these popular girls. Odd Girl Out Chapter 237 coming soon?

Odd Girl Out Chapter 237 Release Date

Chapter 237 part 2.23 will be released on December 22, 2020. You can check it out on Webtoon.

The Plot

Nari Oh is the main protagonist of Odd Girl Out and is currently a second-year student at C.H. High. Nari is a kind and pure-hearted girl who is loved by everyone. Odd Girl Out Chapter 237 coming with these characters?

Odd Girl Out Chapter 237: Release Date, Will it air in 2021?

Being the daughter of a baker from the family-owned Tortoise Bakery, Nari thought being chubby was her destiny. In the last year of middle school, she started a diet because of the boys’ teasing and successfully lost weight and became more confident in herself but her dreams of becoming pretty crashed after forming a squad with the school’s prettiest girls.

Odd Girl Out Chapter 237: Release Date, Will it air in 2021?

She had a childhood friendship with Yuna Lim which ended due to a misunderstanding. When she meets Yuna again in high school, she becomes uncomfortable with how hard Yuna tries to rebuild that friendship. Odd Girl Out Chapter 237 will continue on this?

She was also friends with MiJi during elementary school. When Nari and Yuna ended their friendship, MiJi became Nari’s closest friend. this friendship continued through middle school as well. Although Nari took care of MiJi often during this time, MiJI was often shown to be selfish around Nari, and considered Nari to be beneath her. a fact that Yuna calls her out on, later on in the series.

Nari is shown to be easily able to get along with other girls, and rarely has a lack of friends. Because of this, it was difficult for her to cope when she suddenly became an outcast in her class in high school.

The Trailer

No official Trailer for Odd Girl Out Chapter 237 is available.

Until we come back with more updates, you can check Jojo part 6.

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