Paranormal Season 1: Know everything about the Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!!

Netflix is soon releasing its first Egyptian drama series on the platform, based on the novel series of the same name. The books were authored by the late Ahmed Khalek Tawfik and its TV adaptation Paranormal Season 1 is being created by Amr Salama.

The actor Razana Jammal has even pointed out how this specific genre isn’t as famous in Egypt so instead of paying attention to that, they are working hard on their respective roles. He believes that their hard work will eventually pay off and the audience will be able to see through it and appreciate the efforts put in by all the cast members.

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Paranormal Season 1 Announcement & Release Date

The latest addition to Netflix is its first Egyptian original series which is set to release on 5 November 2020, Thursday. This will be a newer taste of flavor for the Egyptian audience.

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The Storyline

Life has an absurd way of changing everything for us out of nowhere. Something similar is encountered by Refaat Ismail, a hematologist who has always been a skeptic. However, things start shifting when he starts sensing paranormal activities upon turning 40. The show is set in the year 1969 and involves past trauma, tarot cars, and other aspects of a spooky environment.

You can watch Paranormal Season 1 on Netflix from 5 November 2020 onwards.


The Cast members featuring in Paranormal Season 1 of the Netflix Original are:

  • Refaat Ismail  played by Ahmed Amin
  • Maggie  played by Razane Jammal
  • Shiraz played by Reem Abd El Kader
  • Rafa Ismail played by Samma Ibrahim
  • Huwaida Abdel Moniem played by Aya Samaha
  •  Reda Ismail (Adult) played by Rashdi Al Shami
  •  Taha played by Adam Wahdan
  • Paranormal Season 1: Know everything about the Release Date, Cast, Plot and Others!!

The Trailer

Check out the trailer of Paranormal Season 1 below:

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