Persona 6. Female Leaders to be the Main Focus. Read Every Detail You Must Know

Persona is a video game that was being developed and being published by Atlus. It is a game that focuses on a series of Role-playing video games.

Persona 6 – Seasons So Far

In 1996 the first part of this series was being released named by Revelations: Persona for the PlayStation only in Japan and North America. In 1999 the second part of this series was released named Persona 2: Innocent Sin for the PlayStation only in Japan.

Then the second part of Persona 2 was released named Persona 2: Eternal Punishment released in 2000 for PlayStation only in Japan and North America. In around 2006 Persona 3 was being released especially developed for PlayStation 2 only in Japan and then later in 2007 released in North America and in 2008 being released for Europe.

In 2008 Persona 4 was being released in Japan and North America, in 2009 released for Europe developed for PlayStation 2. In 2016 Persona 5 was released for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 in Japan, and in 2017 released for North America and Europe.

The Game-play of the Persona Series is about combat against different types of enemies.

Persona 5 got 93 out of 100 by critics that mean this game really worth playing. This Persona series sold over 11.1 Million copies worldwide until now.

Persona - Image
Persona – Image

Persona 6 – Protagonist

Since Persona 3 Portable being launched on PSP, adding new possibilities to play the game again and again, so yes fans want to explore every option again and again.

In order to make Persona 6, it is most likely to be seen that they add female leaders in order to also attract more female gamers.

But at least now we can not say anything for sure. Until then stay tuned for more updates.

Persona 6 – Release Date

Persona 6 Release Date hasn’t been announced yet but we can likely expect in around somewhere 2021 to 2022.

It’s quite a long time period but it’s likely to be seen that it is going to be released for PlayStation 5.

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