Pirates of the Caribbean 6: Sad News, Johnny Depp is NOT RETURNING!!! Expected Release Date & Cast [New]

Pirates of the Caribbean is a famous movie series produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and is based on Walt Disney’s theme park attraction. The film series started in 2003 with the story saying Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the black pearl. This movie series is one of a very popular show among its viewers. The box office collection of this movie series in the past 14 years is about $4.524 billion.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 storyline

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 will lead as a continuation of the fifth film titled “Deadman tell no tales.” Now for the next story, Disney hired two writers to write this reboot. Ted Elliott and Craig Mazin will develop the story for the new film. It is believed that these two writers will give a fresh wind to the ‘Pirates.’

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Cast 

It is unclear until now that whether Johnny Depp will continue as Jack Sparrow or not, but we can expect Keira Knightley and Orlando bloom to return. Bill Nighy should also come back as Davy Jones. As it is a reboot so we can see some new actors coming in the movie. It is also said by “We Got This Covered” in its report that Captain Jack Sparrow will be replaced by a female pirate named Redd, a meet-in-greet park character.

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 Release Date Date

Pirates of the Caribbean 6 was expected to be released this year, but due to some scheduling issues and uncertainties, it is rescheduled to mid of 2021 and can also be extended to 2022. So let’s hope we will get to see one more amazing series of this non-stop super hit movie which gave back to back hits and will again rock the screen.


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