Sex Education Season 3: Emma Mackey & Asa Butterfield are Returning for the Final Season & Here’s How it will Go

The best way to deal with your complicated relationships is to make it more complicated further. When we first met Otis, he was the regular teenager with a talent he never asked for. With the turning of events, Otis did come out of the shell he had fixed himself into, but he became vulnerable to emotions that didn’t turn out in his favor.

Here we are introduced to the world of Otis, Maeve, and Eric, who separately deals with their individual problems while still playing a significant role in each other’s life.

When season 1 just gave us a gist of how entangled and exhausting the lives of these high schoolers can get, season 2 came with new waves of struggling relationships and emotions which make the audience question the series authenticity towards the genre it represents. And now we are here waiting for what comes next.

When the portrayal of the adolescent world clashing with the ones of an older generation where one side always trying to blend in with the other while the young ones are already busy investing their time towards amending their regular friendships while making novel ones.

It was evident that the audience is expecting nothing but answers for their confused state of mind season 2 left them with. Though it has not been officially confirmed fans can expect season 3 to arrive in the early days of 2021 with their excitements.

We can hope for season 3 to be filled with consequences of what all happened in season 2 and finally practice enough of heating towards George Robinson’s character as Issac for doing what he did in the end, he better be prepared with a proper explanation for Maeve cause we can expect her learning the truth in the third season.

What will happen to all those potential love angles that we are hinted about, and will the romance of Mave and Otis finally take off if yes, then how? Stay tuned to know what will the next session of this fantastic educational tour shall teach us.

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