Project power 2 Confirmed for 2021? Read Latest Updates Here

Project power 2 is an upcoming super hero film. Produced by Eric Newman and Bryan Schulman under the direction of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman. Netflix released it. It features various actors like Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dominique Fishback and many more.

Project power 2 plot

The first part of this film when Tracy comes back to Art, his father. After seeing the destruction caused by the bill Frank decides to expose each and every person who was involved in it. He knew that it was just the beginning and things are not going to be easy. However, Art tells him that he is done. But, he has to come back again because once anyone gets in it he can’t go out of it.

Project power 2 Renew Confirmed for 2021? Read Latest updates Here

Biggie believed that one day the powers would be come permanent. And he would be able to stabilize and weaponize the power. However, in this upcoming part we could see how they will manage to put a end on the power. And will come out of this eerie situation they created.

Project power 2 official announcements

However the makers of this film has not made any official announcements regarding the renewable of this film. Undoubtedly, this film has received loads of love from its fans so we can expect a sequel for this series.

Project power 2 Cast

The cast it is expected to be the same for the sequel along with some new faces. However we can see these actors playing our favourite characters:

  • Jamie Foxx as Art
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Frank Shaver
  • Rodrigo Santoro as Biggie
  • Kyanna Simone Simpson as Tracy
  • Dominique Fishback as Robin Reilly

Release date

However, the makers haven’t announced official release date of the sequel yet. But we can expect the sequel to release in end 2022 or sometime in 2023.

Project power 2 Renew Confirmed for 2021? Read Latest updates Here


As stated above the makers haven’t made any official announcements regarding this sequel. But if you haven’t watched the trailer of the first installment of this film, you can watch it here. You can stream the first part of this film on Netflix.

Until we come back with a definite release date of Project power 2, you can check Russian doll season 2 & more.

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