PUBG Season 13: When Will It Released? What’s New In The Royal Pass?? All You Need to Know

The PUBG is an online multiplayer game with survival and shooting both in one set.

So far, 12 seasons have been released. Each season brings some new addition in the game, some more modes, new outfits, and gun skins.

PUBG: Till Now

PUBG was released on March 19, 2018, on mobile worldwide. This game is available on Windows, Android, iOS, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

This game was developed in Unreal Engine 4. The full form of PUBG is PlayerUnkown’s Battlegrounds.

In December 2019, PUBG mobile did cross over 600 million downloads. This game is one of the most played games of all time.

From the critics, this game was able to get pretty much positive reviews and ratings.

This game was able to nominate many awards and also able to win many of them.

So overall, we can say this series was able to be in the excellent book of the critics. And of course, the players loved this game.

PUBG Season 13: When Will It Released? What's New In The Royal Pass??
PUBG Season 13: When Will It Released? What’s New In The Royal Pass??

PUBG Season 13: Expectations

In season 13, we can expect some graphics to be upgraded; the lagging issues will be fixed. We can expect some new modes will be introduced in season 13. We can also expect more exciting skins for the vehicles and guns will be available in season 13. There will be some new emotes and costumes for the player is expected to be seen in this season 13.

There have been some rumors that the royal pass of this season will be the best royal pass until now of all seasons.

PUBG Season 13: Release Details

One good news for fans there will be PUBG Season 13. Season 12 is going to end on May 11, 2020. So, we can expect season 13 to be released after that only. The release date of season 13 can be delayed due to this coronavirus.

There is no confirmed news yet about the release date of The PUBG Season 13, but we can expect it somewhere around May 12, 2020, to May 13, 2020. The wait will only make this season more entertaining. Stay tuned for more updates.


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