Rare Details of “Promise Neverland Season 2”, Expected Release Date [Exposed] and Everything.

It is based on the manga series of Japan Television which is taken from a novel of the same name and that is written by Kaiu Shirai. Later on for the making of this show The Promise Never Land it was illustrated by Posuka Demizu.

The animation is handled by Clover Works and the direction is tackled by Mamoru Kanbe. As this is an anime series their requires too many other sub-departments, which are very important. Toshiya Ono handling the composition, Kazuaki Shimada handling the character designing and Takahiro tackling music composition. The first season had 12 episodes, which is expected to continue in season 2 also.

Release Date of “Promise Neverland Season 2”

The second season of this show is going to be on air in October 2020. This season is a must to be revealed.

Rare Details of "Promise Neverland Season 2", Expected Release Date [Exposed] and Everything.


We have some main characters which we expect to see again in season 2. They will be:

  1. Emma Japanese Voiced by Sumire Morohoshi, English Voiced by Erica Mendez.
  2. Norman Japanese Voiced by Maaya Uchida English Voiced by Jeannie Tirado.
  3. Ray Japanese Voiced by Mariya Ise English Voiced by Laura Stahl.

The Storyline of ‘Promise Neverland Season 2’

The story revolves around three orphans, Ray, Emma, and Norman. They soon discover that the Green Field House which is an official orphan house is not a normal place to live in. Theirs lived around 38 people in that house. The next season is must be on screen as there are more mysteries to be revealed.

More about this season can be said that we will see more twists and turns in season 2. We also expect that the combination of these 3 will find out all the answers and solutions of every coming condition.

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