Rockstar Accidently Leak Major HINT for “GTA 6”, 2021 Release Date & Other Major Updates

How Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Ruled For Over A Decade

Rockstar Games made a fortune when they decided to produce a game like Grand Theft Auto or GTA. The last version of GTA was GTA5 that was released in 2013. Like any other installment of the game, GTA V was a major success, and for the past seven years, it has enjoyed the popularity among gamers. This long-run of popularity for the GTA V is all set to be overshadowed. The reason being that Rockstar Games has decided to produce GTA 6, which can be released sooner or later but is confirmed to be launched.

Rumours And Speculations Around The Issue

Unlike usual proceedings, this time around the rumors or murmurs regarding the release of GTA 6 is being released by Rockstar Games itself. Most recently, Rockstar Games made GTA 5 available for free on the Epic Game Store.

Rockstar Accidently Leak Major HINT for "GTA 6", 2021 Release Date & Other Major Updates

Many of the gamers felt that this is an indication that the next installment is all ready to be released. That’s why the previous one is being made free on the game store. This has led to inflation in the multiplayer game mode on GTA servers. Many online Gamers feel that this is a plan for setting the stage for the release of GTA 6 any time soon.

What Expert Game Reviewers Have To Say

Although no official confirmation has yet been released by Rockstar Games about the release date of GTA 6, Experts on various platforms like Bloomberg and Reddit have their own opinions about the same. Bloomberg’s Jason Schreier predicts that it is just in the early phase of development, and its release is still ‘years away.’ Two popular Reddit gaming users Yan2295 and Tezfun2, say that it is halfway complete and shall be released soon. Whatever be the truth, the excitement has soared tremendously.

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