Russian Doll Season 2: Natasha Lyonne to Reprise!!!! Catch All Latest Info Here

Russian Doll has been a blast ever since it premiered on Netflix last year. The series premiered on February 1, 2019. Subsequently, fans really liked the show, making it an instant hit. The show was nominated for five primetime Emmy’s. Speculations regarding the release of Russian Doll – Season 2 began to fly.

Considering the popularity of the show, it is natural to wonder when season 2 will be releasing.

Let’s find out!

Russian Doll - Scene

Russian Doll – Scene

Russian Doll Season 2: Serie Rewind

The show is a comedy-drama series and is available on Netflix. The show follows the story of Nadia and her journey as the guest of honor at a seemingly inescapable party one night in New York City. She dies repeatedly, always restarting at the same moment at the party, as she tries to figure out what is happening to her.

Russian Doll Season 2: Cast

The show is directed by Natasha Lyonne, Leslys Headland, and Jamie Babbit are the series directors. Kate Arend, John Skidmore, and Ryan McCormick produce the show.

Although the official cast list hasn’t been released yet, we can expect Natasha Lyonne to reprise her character in the show. We don’t know if the show will have new characters, so we can’t speculate on their cast. But, Greta Lee and Rebecca Henderson are also expected to reprise their roles.

Russian Doll Season 2: Release Date

The Russian Doll and Netflix UK and Ireland’s¬†official twitter account released the news. Yes! Russian Doll will be getting a season 2. The news came way back in June 2019 and the fans were extremely excited for the same. Following this, everyone expected that we would get to see the show in 2020, but apparently that will not be the case.

Russian Doll Poster
Russian Doll Poster

Netflix announced that the filming for the show will commence sometime in May 2020. Thus, we could be looking at a 2021 season 2 premiere.

However, the filming may be delayed or postponed considering the coronavirus outbreak that has put a halt to all activities in the world.


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