Russian President Vladimir Putin INFECTED with CORONAVIRUS!!! Truth Behind this News

Containing the outspread of the  COVID-19 pandemic has become the most pressing concern for almost all the countries in the world. The virus has over 4 million cases worldwide.  Currently, Russia has the second most affected country in the world, with 262,843 registered cases and 2,418 deaths in total. 

On March 24, 2020, President Vladimir Putin met Denis Protsenko (one of the leading doctors of Russia) in a hospital on the outskirts of Moscow. An image was snapped in which President Putin is seen shaking hands with Denis Protsenko, which became a concerning issue for the people of Russia. 

On March 31, Denis Protsenko was himself diagnosed with coronavirus and hospitalized for the same. The concern for President Putin arose after television footage of Denis Protsenko, and President Putin’s rendezvous showed neither of them to be wearing face masks or gloves, which leads to the people’s concern for the health of President Putin.

Denis Protsenko wrote a post on Facebook confirming his diagnosis ” Yes, I have tested positive for coronavirus, but I feel pretty good. I’ve isolated myself in my office. I think the immunity I’ve developed this month is doing its job.”

According to a report submitted by RIA news agency, the Kremlin confirmed the good health of President Putin and said he was regularly tested and “everything was okay.”

Moreover, on March 27, the Kremlin also reported a positive case of coronavirus in Russian President Putin’s administration. Nevertheless, Mr. Putin did not come in contact with the person, and every precautionary measure was being taken to curtail the outbreak of the pandemic. 

On March 31, Russian lawmakers granted the government the necessary powers to exercise strict action against the people who would violate the rules and regulations of the lockdown. An emergency was declared, and in worst conditions, jail up to 7 years will be imposed on anyone who does not adhere to the lockdown rules. 

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