Sad Update: Alex Trebek is DYING!!! from Pancreatic Cancer & Living his LAST DAYS!!!

In March, Alex Trebek says he has been suffering from diagnosed stage 4th, pancreatic cancer, and fighting from this disease for a long period of time.

Alex said to a news reporter; he has started getting sores in his mouth from chemotherapy which is a part of his operation cycle, these symptoms are taking his life on a very serious note, he hears his own vocal slurring words from quiz show, Alex added.

He added he would keep doing the Quiz Show as long his skills work with him and do not diminish it from life, he said in an interview of an award show.

Alex got millions of fans by completing 8,000 episodes of his show. When it was asked by Alex what he would do after getting retired, he replayed “Drink.”

Alex said he laments being so open with his fight with the battle of cancer. His candor about the illness has urged numerous individuals to incline toward him as a wellspring of solidarity and positive thinking in their own fights, even while he experiences his own, he said.

He disclosed to LaFlamme he cannot take more pain in this therapy and can figure out with his alone.

He said, “I don’t have any idea whether I’m sufficient or astute enough to help lighten a portion of that despair, so it’s hard on me.”

In any case, Alex is confronting his conclusion head-on, saying he is not worried about his death.

“The idea of malignant pancreatic growth doesn’t scare me,” he told LaFlamme. “I’m 79 years of age. Along these lines, hello, I’ve carried on with a decent life, a full life, and I’m approaching the finish of that life. I realize that.”

His message to all the youngsters is to be passionate live your dreams without any fear and fight for it always, till your last breath.

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