Saijaku-muhai-no-bahamut-Season-2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut is a Japanese light novel series, which is written by  Senri Akatsuki and illustrated by Ayumu Kasuga and Yuichi Murakami.  A television series of twelve episodes were aired between January 11 and March 28, 2016, based on this story.  The fans are anxiously waiting for Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut-Season-2 to happen from then.

Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut-Season-2 Release Date

The anime series had earned a great reputation from its very first episode. Season 1 was aired from January 11, 2016, to March 28, 2016. A  second season was highly awaited by the viewers.  But the creators neither renewed nor canceled the second season. Now it is four years after season 1 has ended.

Saijaku-muhai-no-bahamut-Season-2: Release Date, Cast, Plot

And there is no news about Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut-Season-2. Although the debut season ended without leaving any cliff hanger, teasers show that the series would return for a second installment.

The Plot

Season 1, shows the story of a world where the concept of male and female, good and evil, and truth and falsehood is no longer important. And also the honoring of ancestors is no longer important. The change of the people is very drastic. They try to forget about their ancestors and also to change their habits. Will Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut-Season-2 continue on this Plot?

The  Japanese light novel series, from which the television series is adapted, consists of twenty volumes. The manga of the same series has also got eleven volumes. The first season has got only twelve episodes. So there is more than enough matter for a second season’s plot. Recently a new volume of the light novel was published on 6th Aug 2020. So we can make out that work is been still going on based on series. So certainly, the viewers can hope for a Saijaku-muhai-no-Bahamut-season-2.

The Trailer

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