Sex Education Season 3: Emma & Otis will Finally Get Together in this Season: No Release Date Finalised

Teenagers’ shows are always full of salaciousness and scandals. However, one show has set itself apart. Yes!! We are talking about Netflix Drama Sex Education that picks up the critical subject of sexual intimacy in high schools and does not apologize for doing so.

But, the show has its share of fun while talking about serious issues, which makes it all the more refreshing.

The first season premiered on Netflix in 2019 and instantly became a fan-favorite globally. The second season followed through in 2020 with similar fan appreciation of the well-rounded characters.

Netflix has finally announced the renewal of Sex Education for a third season. Hopefully, we will have so much more to see of the adventures of Otis and Maeve. It is set to release in January 2021, similar to its previous seasons.

Cast and Story Development

The show stars Asa Butterfield as Otis Milburn and Emma Mackey as Maeve Wiley, who decide to open a sex clinic for their classmates. Connor Swindells plays Adam Groff, who has shed his rough exterior for the ever charismatic Eric played by Ncuti Gatwa.

Sex Education Season 3: Emma Mackey & Asa Butterfield are Returning for the Final Season & Here's How it will Go
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Gillian Anderson stars Otis’ mother and renowned sex therapist, Dr. Jean Milburn. The show also stars Tanya Reynolds as Lily,  Aimme Lou Wood as Aimme, and Kedar Williams Stirling as Jackson. All characters are expected to reprise their roles in the coming season.

Created by Laurie Nunn, the show does not shy away from asking important questions about how teenagers deal with their anxieties, fears, and uncertainties when it comes to sexual intimacy. The story mainly follows two characters. Otis is a socially awkward teenager and embarrassed by his mother’s frankness on the subject of sex. On the other hand, Maeve is confident and comes off as a rebel while all she wants is to belong. Eric acts as Otis’ moral compass throughout the show while opening up about his sexuality. The fans expect to see Otis and Meave get together in Season 3 as it was left at an undecided note in the previous season.

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