Shadowverse Episode 34: Release Date, Will the Next Episode Come soon?

Cygames developed Shadowverse, a free-to-play digital collectible card video game in Japan. In June 2016, it was released for iOS and Android devices and by July it became the most popular mobile collectible card game in Japan. Windows and Mac versions were released in October 2016. The Anime television series is directed by Keiichiro Kawaguchi and written by Rintaro Isaki and Deko Akao.  You can watch it on Funimation. Shadowverse Episode 34 is expected to return soon!

Shadowverse Episode 34 Release Date

Shadowverse Episode 34: Release Date, Will the Next Episode Come soon?

Shadowverse is an Anime adaptation of a game by the same name. It premiered on April 7, 2020. The thirty-fourth episode of the series will premiere on 8 December 2020. The series will have a total of 48 episodes.

The Plot

Hiro Ryugasaki is a middle school student who is an ordinary boy at Tensei Academy. He obtains a mysterious smartphone through a strange occurrence. It has a popular digital card game called Shadowverse application installed on it. He meets rivals, new friends and participates in tournaments throughout the game. It helps him form new bonds.

The Cast

  • Gakuto Kajiwara as Hiiro Ryugasaki

Hiiro, a student at Tensei Academy is extremely perseverant and has a genuine love for the game. he believed that his parents had long ago died but the fact is they are trapped inside the Tree of Woe, an invention by his father’s company. It backfired. He plays the Dragoncraft Class.

Shadowverse Episode 34: Release Date, Will the Next Episode Come soon?

  • Junya Enoki as Lucia Yonazuki

Lucia, a middle school student plays Shadowverse to raise money for Shiori, his sister. His sister lives in a rehabilitation hospital because a truck had hit her when she was young and killed her and Lucia’s parents. Lucia plays Bloodcraft class.

  • Hayato Taya asKazuki Shindo
  • Kaede Hondo as Mimori Amamiya
  • Yui Ogura as Alice Kurobane

  • Atsumi Tanezaki  as Kai Ijuin
  • Yūichi Iguchi as Maura Aberald

The Trailer

Watch the preview of Shadowverse episode 34.

Until we come back with more updates on Shadowverse Episode 34, you can check Jojo Part 6 and more.

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