Shadowverse Episode 36: Release Date, Cast And more Updates !

Shadowverse,  a Japanese anime series has been the new craze for anime lovers. It was originally a digital card video game. The game was developed by Cygames and published in Japan. The game was released in 2016. There’s the immense popularity of the card game. Subsequently, Zexcs adapted the game into a television anime which premiered on April 7, 2020. It’s written and illustrated by Rintaro Isaki and Deko Akao. So, when is the release date of Shadowverse Episode 36? Read on to find out further details.

About Shadowverse Episode 36

The story revolves around – Hiiro Ryūgasaki, an ordinary middle school student at Tensei Academy. Some strange events lead to, Hiiro discovering a mysterious smartphone with the popular digital card game “Shadowverse” app installed.

Shadowverse Episode 36: Release Date, Cast And more Updates !

Subsequently, through the game, he meets rivals, meets new friends, participates in tournaments, and forms bonds with others. However, they aren’t aware of the greater purpose. Ultimately, Hiiro and his friends discover it- saving mankind from being doomed! The series consists of a total of 48 episodes. Will Shadowverse Episode 36 come soon?

Shadowverse Episode 36: Release Date, Cast And more Updates !

Shadowverse Episode 36 Release Date

Episode 36 is titled ” Heart to Believe.” It’s all set to release on 22 December 2020 at 5 pm. All the new episodes of the series are released every Tuesday.

We recommend you to stream the series on trusted sites and support the original content creators. You can view it on Crunchyroll.

The Cast

  • Hiiro Ryugasaki Voiced : Gakuto Kajiwara

Hiiro is a 2nd-year middle school student at Tensei Academy. He is very hard-working and has a strong love for the game. He lives with his grandfather and believed that his parents died during an accident while he was young, however, it was later revealed his parents are trapped inside the Tree of Woe, an invention developed by his father’s company that backfired and was destined to destroy the world. Will Shadowverse Episode 36 have all these characters?

  • Lucia Yonazuki  Voiced: Junya Enoki
  • Mimori Amamiya Voiced : Kaede Hondo
  • Kazuki Shindo Voiced: Hayato Taya
  • Kai Ijuin Voiced: Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Alice Kurobane Voiced: Yui Ogura
  • Maura Aberald Voiced: Yuichi Iguchi
  • Leon Auransh Voiced : Toshiyuki MorikawaLeon
  • Malgrit Valoa Voiced: Satomi Akesaka
  • Shadowverse Episode 36: Release Date, Cast And more Updates !

The Preview

Here’s a preview of the next episode!

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