Shameless Season 11: Release Date. Will we have this Season released in December?

The American dramedy series Shameless already bagged the title of the longest-running original series on the TV network Showtime with its ninth season in 2018. Nevertheless, it has moved past that point now as well since Shameless Season 11 is set to premiere soon in December.

The production process of the new season was severely impacted by the outbreak of the pandemic, and so, some changes have been brought about in the script too. Here’s all that we need to know about the upcoming and final season of the hit series.

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Shameless Season 11 Announcement & Release Date

The renewal of the show for an eleventh season was consolidated in January 2020. It was originally supposed to come out during midseason this year. However, the pandemic pushed the schedule further ahead. The series’ final and eleventh season is now finally going to be broadcasted on 6 December 2020. The title of the first episode has also been revealed to be “This is Chicago!“.

Shameless Season 11: Release Date. Will we have this Season released in December?

The Storyline

The American TV series is an adaptation of the British drama of the same name. Its plot revolves around Frank Gallagher, a single father of six who is trying to make it work amidst the poor conditions he’s living in. However, his definition of survival comes at the cost of his children’s welfare. They have to learn and grow up on their own since their father spends the entire day neck-deep in his alcohol and drug addiction.

As far as Shameless Season 11 is concerned, the required changes have been made to the script to inculcate the consequences of the pandemic as a part of the storyline. Recent photos uploaded by TVLine Exclusive have proved that the show has risen to the occasion yet again to address the current situation and events at hand.

You can watch the previous seasons of the series till the new one premieres on Hulu and Amazon Prime.

Shameless Season 11 Characters

Shameless Season 11: Release Date. Will we have this Season released in December?

Most familiar faces are returning for the final round.

  • Frank Gallagher played by William H. Macy
  • Lip Gallagher played by Jeremy Allen White
  • Debbie played by Emma Kenney
  • Carl Gallagher played by Ethan Cutkosky
  • Ian Gallagher played by Cameron Monaghan
  • Mickey Milkovich played by Noel Fischer
  • Kevin “Kev” Ball played by Steve Howey
  •  Liam Gallagher played by Christian Isaiah

The Trailer

Check out the promo teaser of Shameless Season 11 below:

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