Sherlock Holmes 3: When Is It Coming? Robert Downey Jr. To Continue As Sherlock. Find All Details You Must Know

Sherlock Holmes is the movie which is about Mystery and Action. So far, two parts have been released. The first part was released in 2009, and the second part was released in 2011.

The title of the Second part was Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. The budget for the first part was $90 million and was able to collect about $524 million worldwide. And the budget of the second part was $125 million and was able to collect $545.4 million all over the globe.

The first part was managed to get a 70% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. The second part was managed to get a 60% rating from Rotten Tomatoes. From the critics, both parts were able to get average and mixed reviews. Critics did mention that the direction on this legendary detective doesn’t fit well, but the strong performance by Robert Downey Jr. able to cover that up.

The audience definitely loved the series; their positive response just shows that. Both parts were nominated for many awards and also managed to win some of them also.

Release Date of Sherlock Holmes 3

In May 2018, Warner Bros. did confirm that there will be a third part of the Sherlock Holmes, and it was going to release on December 25, 2020. But in March 2019, Warner Bros. again announced that the release date had been changed to December 22, 2021.

So, Good News for fans that there will be going to Sherlock Holmes 3.

Sherlock Holmes 3 Cast

We will be expecting two casts for sure, one Robert Downey Jr. to be back as Sherlock Holmes. And second Jude Law to be back again as Dr. John Watson. Stephan Fry can be back as Mycroft Holmes. Kelly Reilly can reappear as Mary Morstan.

Eddie Marsan can be seen as Inspector Lestrade. We can also expect some more cast to be back from previous parts and we can also expect to see some new faces.

What to Expect from Sherlock Holmes 3?

We did see in the last part of Sherlock Holmes how Moriarty died at the end of the part and how Sherlock Holmes himself fake his death and show up secretly in the office of Watson.

Robert Downey Jr. did say that this part will be going to the best till now of all parts of Sherlock Holmes. We don’t know exactly what will happen in this part, but it will be interesting, entertaining, and thrilling.

Stay tuned for more updates.

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