Snapchat Hack: How To Use Amazing Features That You Didn’t Notice!!!

Is Snapchat one of the frequently used apps on your mobile phone? Well, still we bet that there must be much of it that you aren’t really aware of the most of exciting features. Well, one can call these somehow hidden and cumbersome features tricks to the magic kind of thing. The updates that come regularly brings a bundle of new features, and it includes all the tricks that we are going to tell you. Stay tuned for the Snapchat hack!

Things can make you a pro-Snapchat, so we should go directly to the amazing tricks without wasting time.

3 Filters In a Single Pictures: Snapchat HackSnapchat Hacks: How To Use Amazing Features That You Didn't Notice!!!

What is Snapchat famous for? The snaps, right?? So we should use the most of it to present the best of snaps, which could somehow be done through filters that are available. But have you ever tried three filters in a single picture? Well, we have brought you a detailed procedure for you, let’s go, Snapchat Hack,

  • You need to add a filter called Sepia and be done with all necessary settings.
  • Now click a picture to add filters
  • To get your first filter swipe left
  • Pick up the filter you like and keep your thumb put on the screen anywhere to add the filter to the picture
  • With the help of your other hand that is free check out your next filter
  • Hope you selected the second one so free touch for a quick second before holding it again
  • Next swipe left to pick up the third filter
  • The filters don’t seem worthy now? Then just a right swipe, and you would be back to the unfiltered image. Yes, the original one.

Find Out Now Who’s Following you Back: Snapchat Hack

You must be keen to know who has kept eyes on you on your back. Well, you can bring them in front. To your surprise, there is away. Snapchat Hack

  • Open your Snapchat and reach out to ‘Add Friends’
  • Select ‘Add By Username’
  • Enter the Username now
  • Put your finger on the username and keep hold of it.
  • Can you see their Snapchat Scores? No? Well, then you can breathe as they are not following you back.Snapchat Hacks: How To Use Amazing Features That You Didn't Notice!!!

Record Your Video Without Holding Onto Capture Button:

Yes, you can free up your finger while you are recording a video. Not that your hands would be free, but the video would be steady, and when you want to flip the video at the front or rear side, then it would not be tough. But one thing that could be not good is that the trick is for just iOS users. Snapchat Hack

  • Open settings
  • Go to General
  • There must be an Accessibility button, select it
  • In the Interaction section, you need to enable the icon on the right-hand side of your screen, and it is quite small. You could enable it by switching on the AssertiveTouch option in the section
  • Tap on ‘Create New Gesture’
  • A new page is here, and you need to keep your finger on the screen until a bar, blue in colour pops out from the bottom side

Snapchat Hacks: How To Use Amazing Features That You Didn't Notice!!!

  • Tap on ‘Stop’
  • You need to name the gesture and save it
  • Now when you open your Snapchat, you would have to press the small icon
  • A circle like a thing would appear on the screen once you will select Custom
  • Just once tap a finger on capture button and release, now it’s added gesture’s work to do all

Hope our Snapchat Hack helped you!

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