Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Confirmed for 2021? Details!

SOLO LEVELING” is one of the most well-known South Korean web novels, or “Manhwa”, written by Chugong. It’s being published by D&C Media since 2016. Quite a few manhwas like “Tower of God”, “The God of High School” and “Noblesse” will soon be adapted as Crunchyroll Originals. However, no such news has surfaced for the Solo Leveling Anime Adaptation.

Saddened by these turn of events the fans of the manhwa took it upon themselves to sign petitions on Anime Adaptation of Solo Leveling and therefore we could expect and 2021 release date. As the number of signed petitions keeps trickling in, the fanbase for Solo Leveling anticipates a positive outcome.

Solo Leveling Anime Announcement

Speculations of the manhwa being adapted to an anime by Netflix or Crunchyroll have been spreading like wildfire on the internet. The growing fanbase of the novel has shed an optimistic light on the animated release of the novel. Nevertheless, nothing of the sort has been officially confirmed yet.

Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Confirmed for 2021, Story Updates & More

The Storyline

As per the web novel, the plot captures the life of Hunters, who are supposed to possess the power of traveling between our own world and that of monsters. The protagonist of the story, Sung-Jin Woo is a rank E hunter. He hopes to climb up this ladder of hierarchy. Jin Woo’s ambitious drive takes him through a journey from being the weakest E-ranker to being the strongest S-rank Hunter.

The entire plot makes us ponder upon one’s weaknesses and vulnerabilities, all those aspects that make us human. No wonder the fans want a Solo Leveling Anime version of such an interactive and addicting narrative. However, the manhwa release was put on a hiatus for a short period due to the pandemic. This left the audience begging for more!

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date Confirmed for 2021, Story Updates & More

The Production

While we all await any form of official announcement regarding the Anime Adaptation, we cannot ignore the production aspect of this venture either. Considering, how action-driven the storyline is, one can imagine that the production needs to be Level-A. Anime fans are quite famous for being expressive about their emotional attachment to their favorite content, which means that, though this is one of the most anticipated projects out there, it is also one that should be dreaded. Any kind of failure in terms of standing up to the prestige of the web novel can turn disastrous.

The Trailer of Solo Leveling Anime

D&C Webtoon has released a trailer for the web novel in English, another cause for excitement among the fans. The visuals in the trailer come to a lot closer to that of an anime. This move has again left the fans ecstatic, who are willing to accept any content that points in the direction of a Solo Leveling anime.

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Solo Leveling Anime Release Date

Once the speculations are finally confirmed by an official source, we can then assume the production process to be underway. For now, we can only wait for the news to reach us eventually. Since fans drive the success rate of any production, we can count on the story being adapted as an anime soon. Till then, you can engage yourself with the web novel as you wait for the anime to be released. Till then you can watch the Other.

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