Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 Release Date, News, Updates & More

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 is an upcoming part of an anime TV series. The series is popularly known as That is the Bottleneck. Noboru Iguchi directed this series under the production of TIA. This show was broadcasted on TV in Tokyo.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 plot

The plot of the series sets around a common supermarket, Hot Hot Mart. It basically revolves around the employees of the supermarket. The employees are Nekomaru, Tenchou, Adam, and Muto. However, the stores contain various unsolved mysteries. The face of the protagonist is mostly obstructed, no one has seen his face. However, the reason behind not showing his face is still a mystery.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 official announcements

The makers have come up with the official announcements regarding episode 4 of this series. The series received good reviews from the audience. Consequently, if the series receives constant love and appreciation from the fans, definitely it will be a hit. The fans are eagerly waiting for the third episode of this season. However, our wait will be over because the third episode is set to be released in October 2020. Get more information about the release date and cast below.

Sore Dake Ga Neck cast

As stated above, the makers are set to release the third episode of this season soon. However, the makers have released two episodes of this series. Hence, the cast would be the same in the upcoming episodes of this season. Consequently, we can hear these voice artists throughout this series:

  • Mutou voiced by Yuuki Kimisawa
  • Adam voiced by Shingo Ogaya
  • Ootsuka voiced by Tsubasa Kizu
  • Tenchou voiced by Toshimasa Niiro
  • Tabata voiced by Ui Hinagata

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3

Sore Dake Ga Neck Episode 3 Release date

The makers have announced to release the third episode of this series on October 26, 2020.. The upcoming episode of this season can unfold the mysteries of the convenience store. Stay tuned to unfold the upcoming episode.

Sore Dake Ga Neck Trailer

The makers have released the official promo video of this series. However, if you haven’t watched the official promo video of this series, then you can watch it here. Consequently, if you haven’t seen the last episode then you can stream it on Simkl.

Until we come back with more updates of this series you can check One Room Season 3 Episode 3 & more.

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