Stranger Things Season 4: Here’s how David Harbour aka Jim Hopper alive Scroll below to find out the Release Date, Plot & More

Good news for you Stranger Things fans, the fourth season of our favorite fantasy and thriller show is in the production process.

Be ready to see more of upside downs, Eleven’s psychic powers, the bond between the four kids, monsters, and of course, prepare yourselves to embrace Joyce’s favorite dialogue- “Where is my Will?”

The first season of the famous American supernatural, investigation series, was released on July 15, 2016, on Netflix. Since then, two more seasons of the show have been released. This show was equally loved by the audiences and critics for its characterization, pacing, atmosphere, storyline, direction, and soundtrack. It was renewed for a fourth season in September 2019.



The storyline of Stranger Things is set in the 1980s and revolves around a girl with psychic abilities, Eleven. Residents of Hawkins are unaware of the fatal experiments being conducted in the local laboratory until one day, a kid, Will Byers, goes missing, and a search for him begins, revealing the dark reality of an alternate dimension called the Upside Down.

An investigation led by local police chief Jim Hopper, with the help of Will’s mother, friends, and Eleven, leads them to the truth about Will’s abduction, other disappearances in the town, and the terrible creatures behind all this.


Stranger Things season 3 left us all with many unanswered questions, the most important of them being- “Is Jim Hopper really dead?”

Since the first trailer is out, there are a few things we can make guesses about. In the trailer, we saw Hopper very much alive, and in some kind of imprisonment. Now the question which arises here is- “How did he manage to survive the machine explosion?”

In the epic finale, we saw the kids defeating The Mindflayer, but as we know, the saga of Hawkins and its Strange creatures is a never-ending one, we can expect to see more of these vicious creatures. Fans can expect a plot revolving around the backstory of their favorite Russian, Alexi.

One thing can be said for sure; a lot of adventure and mystery awaits us.


The release date of Stranger Things season 4 has yet not been declared, but due to the pandemic, we can expect its release by the end of 2020 or in the early months of 2021.

You can stream all the three seasons of Stranger Things on Netflix.

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