Taboo Season 2: Release Date. Will Tom Hardy Return as James Delaney???

Taboo is a British Period Political Drama, created by Steven Knight, Tom Hardy, and Chips Hardy, and produced by Scott Free London and Hardy Son & Baker. The show aired eight episodes in its first season with the first episode airing on 7th January 2017 and the last on 25th February 2017. Today we are going to discuss Taboo Season 2.

Taboo Season 2 Storyline

The series is set in 1814, with James Delaney, believed to be dead, comes back to attend the funeral of his father, Horace Delaney Delaney discovers that his father died due to arsenic poisoning.  Lorna Bow, a London actress, suddenly appears and tells everyone that she and Horace were married and wants a part of Horace’s will. The East India Company plots to assassinate James, and the man with silver tooth stabs him, but he survives. The first season ends with a dockside shoot out before James and survivors can sail for America.

The Official Announcement

Taboo Season 2 has been confirmed by the makers, with Steven Knight going on to say that he is planning for this show to be a three-part series, so we might get Season 3 shortly as well. Tom Hardy went on to say “We are grateful and excited to continue our relationship with the BBC and FX in contributing towards British drama. Fantastic news.” Just like the first season, the second season is also going to have eight episodes as well.

The Cast

Taboo Season 2: Release Date. Will Tom Hardy Return as James Delaney???

The Cast of Taboo Season 2  includes Tom Hardy as James Delaney, Leo Bill as  Benjamin Wilton, Jessie Buckley as Lorna Delaney, Oona Chaplin as Zilpha Gaery, Stephen Graham as Atticus, Jefferson Hall as Thorne Geary, David Hayman as Brace, Edward Hogg as Michael Godfrey, Franka Potente as Helga Von Hinten, Michael Kelly as Edgar Dumbarton, Tom Hollander as Dr.George Cholmondeley, Marina Hands as Countess Musgrove, Jonathan Pryce as Sir Stuart Strange, Jason Watkins as Solomon Coop, Nicholas Woodeson as Robert Thoyt, Edward Fox as Horace Delaney, Ruby-May Martinwood as Winter, Scroobius Pip as French Bill, Fiona Skinner as Brighton, Mark Gatiss as Prince George and many others.

Taboo Season 2 Release Date

There hasn’t been any announcement of the release date for the second season of the show so far. It has been three years since the announcement and the pandemic must have delayed all the plans they have. We are thinking that the second season should be available to us by early to mid-2022.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

Taboo is available on Hulu, and  Amazon Prime as well. So those of you, who haven’t watched the show can go and watch it over there.

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