Talentless Nana Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers and Discussions

Talentless Nana is the 2020 Anime, directed by Shinji Ishihara and animated by Bridge Studios. The show is being aired on AT-X, Tokyo MX, SUN and TVA. The show is going to feature 13 episodes. The show has featured four episodes so far, with the first episode “Talentless” airing on October 4 2020, the second titled “Time Traveler” on October 11, 2020, the third episode was called “Talented vs Talentless” which was aired on October 18 2020, the last episode to be aired was called “Healing” which was aired on October 25 2020. Today we are going to talk about Talentless Nana Episode 5.

Talentless Nana Episode 5 Storyline

The show features a group of students called “Talents” who are sent to a special school, to train them for a future battle that is going to take place. However, one day a student with no special talent called Nana Hiiragi, is actually an assassin who has been sent by the government to kill off the Talents.

At the end of the episode a new student shows up and says that he is a photographer, he immediately interrogates on why Nana wants to kill him, Nana denies this, but then the photographer reveals a photo which shows her killing Nanao.

Talentless Nana Episode 5 Discussion

The next episode will be quite interesting, as Nana is caught in a tight space. Will she be able to talk it off and still continue her mission or will she be kicked out of her school. It is highly unlikely that she will be killed off, considering that she is the titular character. So maybe we can say that students will turn on her and at the end of the season, she will probably have a change of heart and might have to prove her loyalty.

Talentless Nana Cast

Talentless Nana Episode 5 Release Date, Plot, Spoilers and Discussions

The cast of the show includes Rumi Okubo as Nana Hiiragi,  Huri Shimono as Nanao Nakajima, Yuichi Nakamura as Kyoya Onodera, Mai Nakahara as Michiru Inukai, Toshiki Masuda as Yohei Shibusawa,  Takuya Nakashima as Moguo Iijima, Yuki Inoue as Moguo’s Henchman A, Takeo Otsuka as Moguo’s Henchman B, Yoshitaka Yamaya as Moguo’s Henchman C, Hiromichi Tezuka as Seiya Kori, Yukina Tsutumi as Kirara Habu, Yurie Kozakai as Kaori Takanashi, Atsushi Tamaru as Tsunekichi Hatadaira, Miyu Tomita as Yuka Sasaki, Aiko Ninomiya as Shinji Kazama, Tomohiro Ono as Ryuji Ishii, Yuna Kamakura as Fuko Sorona, Atsushi Kousaka as Homeroom Teacher and Koji Yusa as Jin Tachibana

Talentless Nana Episode 5 Release Date

Each new episode gets released on Sunday or Saturday, depending on where you live. The timing of the airing is 9:30 PM JST. Remember to convert the time to your local timezone.

Talentless Nana Episode 5 Preview


Talentless Nana is available on Funimation, so those of you who haven’t watched the show can go over there and check it out.

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