The Best Mobile Games For 2022

Mobile gaming is an extremely fast-growing industry; in 2020 smartphone games accounted for around half of gaming industry revenue. It is expected that by the year 2023, the global mobile gaming market will reach $100 billion dollars in annual revenue.

One of the larger mobile gaming genres is online casinos, people around the world now enjoy playing games of poker, blackjack and slots from their smartphones. On mobile-friendly websites such as this online slots Canada site, you will find over 1000 different slot titles to choose from, including everything from A Nightmare on Elm Street to Millionaire Genie Megaways.

As the demand for high quality mobile games continues to grow at a rapid pace, developers are working tirelessly to bring new titles to the market. In 2022, there are a huge number of new releases and mobile game updates to look forward to, here are just a few of the most anticipated new games:

Valorant Mobile

From Riot Games, the popular game Valorant is being developed into a mobile game. The announcement was made by the developer last June in celebration of the first-year anniversary of the title.

Valorant is one of the world’s most played first-person hero 5v5 shooter games that is free to play on PC. Players are assigned to either an attacking or defending team and have unique abilities that help them to make kills.

While a release date is yet to be confirmed it is expected to be within this year. It will at first be available in a beta testing mode for a limited number of players.

Diablo Immortal

Immortal is a soon to be released massively multiplayer online action role-playing game in the Diablo series, developed by Blizzard Entertainment, Inc. In this title, angels and devils wage war to gain control, players are tasked with working together to collect the shattered fragments of a corrupted Worldstone to stop the evil Lord of Terror from coming back.

While a trailer has been released and has got Diablo fans excited, the 2022 release date is yet to be made public. MMORGs are best known as PC games, so it will be interesting to see just how traditional PC players are able to adapt to mobile.

Fans can pre-register for the game on the Google Play store for the chance to get early access to it once released.

MMORG’s are typically best known as PC games but a lot of gaming providers are now making their games compatible on smartphone devices.

Summoners War: Chronicles

Another MOMORG coming to mobile is Summoners War: Chronicles, developed by  Com2uS. Part of the Summoners War series and taking place before both Sky Arena and Lost Centuria, players are able to choose from one of three characters with unique skills and appearances. The monsters in the game will have attributes such as Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark.

It is rumoured that the game will utilize blockchain technology, allowing it to have a ‘play to earn’ game format. This is a new feature to the game and is highly anticipated by Summoners players.

The game is set to be released in the first quarter of this year.

DC Heroes & Villains

The DC Universe game DC Heroes & Villains will be an epic superhero RPG. In this game, all superpowers have mysteriously been lost and you must bring your team together to take part in battles and defend the universe.

DC fans will be extremely happy with some of the iconic locations in the game, which include the underwater Atlantis and Batman’s Gotham City. There are over 35 DC characters to collect and through gameplay you will be able to unlock the heroes’ lost superpower abilities.

There are at least 150 missions to take part in and a range of moves that can be activated as you progress through the game, including things like Synergy, Melee and Ranged Power.

Early 2022 has been given as the release date, so keep a look out of the app store or pre-register!

Gaming fans can sign up for notifications on release dates of the most anticipated games.

Just Cause: Mobile

Video game Just Cause is set to come to mobile this year. Just Cause is a third person action-adventure game that was first released in 2006 and developed by Swedish company Avalanche Studios.

The original game is set in a fictional country in South America known as San Esperito, players play as Black Ops agent Rico Rodriguez and must work to overthrow an evil dictator that is rumoured to be in possession of dangerous weapons of mass destruction.

Just Cause: Mobile will be free-to-play and will consist of four exciting new player Co-Op missions. The game will be available for smartphone users on both Android and iOS devices.

While many games set to come out on mobile in 2020 and 2021 were delayed until 2022 due to world events, this has resulted in a huge number of new releases making their way to the market this year. Mobile gamers are spoiled for choice and will have plenty of new titles to get playing over the next few weeks and months.

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