The Bold Type Season 5 :Release Date, Will Jane return in Season 5?

The Bold Type is an American comedy-drama television series by Sarah Watson aired on June 20, 2017. It is the story of 3 millennial women who try to live their life in a big city and balance out their relationships. There are about 47 episodes to date with a critical response of 96% it’s definitely worth the watch! The Bold Type Season 5 coming soon?

The Overview of The Bold Type Season 5

The story is about 3 millennial girls who try to balance out their way at work and their personal lives.  Jane is a struggling writer who is trying to voice out herself, Sutton has a complicated relationship with  Richard Hunter and Kat is trying to explore her sexuality by meeting new relationships. The three women must now try to conquer each of their strong and weak assets. The storyline is very new and is relatable to the audience mainly women who try to navigate their personal lives and work. The Bold Type Season 5 is coming soon?

The Bold Type Season 5 :Release Date, Will Jane return in Season 5?

The first season revolved around the three women trying to come in contact with their interests while the second season continues with the same storyline which shows Kat struggling with her sexuality and  Sutton realizing that her relationship with Richard might hinder her growth in her career. The name of the series totally fits the title as it also embarks on the strength and independence of a woman and her voice. The Bold Type Season 5 will continue on this?

The Characters

The series is quite relatable to the Audience and portrays friendships, careers, and love life all in one. IMDb rated this show a score of 8/10 with a wide range of critical responses.

The Bold Type Season 5 :Release Date, Will Jane return in Season 5?

  • Katie Stevens as Jane Sloan
  • Meghann Fahy as Sutton
  • Aisha Dee as Kat Edison
  • Sam Page as Richard Hunter
  • Matt Ward as Alex Crawford

Release Date of The Bold Type Season 5

The previous season was to be aired on July 16th but was currently delayed due to COVID. Stevens in a recent interview mentions that Season 5 will shortly be renewed but as of now there are no updates until the pandemic ends.

The Bold Type is available on Freedom to do check it out!

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