The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date coming soon !!!! Plot, Dates and Updates.

The Rising of Shield Hero is a Light manga novel series written by Aneko Yusagi. Shōsetsuka ni Narō is a website for novels, which first published Shield Hero.

The story revolves around a young Japanese boy who is carefree and easygoing. He gets dragged into a parallel universe along with other young men.

Naofumi Iwatani, the inexperienced youth is now to fight the monsters in the parallel world, the parallel world is expecting for the cardinal heroes. Naofumi Iwatani receives a shield, which is unfortunate for him in the first place. He got only a piece of defense equipment for himself.

The first season got many viewers and critics as well. The acclamation is very high among the audience. The anime is in the highly recommended list of Crunchyroll.

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 Streaming On?

During a panel discussion, an announcement regarding Shield Hero turned the attention of the viewers. Season 2 will make its release very soon, and on a bonus point, the report of season 3 will come right after the second season. Both seasons are now in the production phase.

Kadokawa producer Tamura is expecting better views and likes for the season 2 and 3. Social Media and streaming sites are the grounds for making both the upcoming seasons a success.

The trailer is not yet out, as soon as the production gets over, the teaser will be out. The synopsis of Shield Hero season 2 attracted a massive crowd. Producer Tamura is expecting to get a large number of viewers at this time. The fans will soon come to know about the trailer as the anime is already in the production phase.

The Rising of Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date

Crunchyroll made a recent announcement regarding both the seasons, the reason the production started after such a long delay. Season 1 made a great success, so the fans are waiting for the upcoming seasons.  

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