The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 & Season 3 Both Confirmed: Expected Release Date

After the successful and fantastic first season of ‘The Rising of The Shield Hero’, producers of the series have confirmed season 2. Here are all the updates of the anime series and what to expect from Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2.

The Rising of The Shield Hero is a story set out in the fictional world of Melomarc. Four heroes are brought into this fictional world through a portal. They are handed with four different weapons and are trained to become the saviors of the Melomarc kingdom.

Naofumi, the protagonist is armed with a shield and is chosen as a cardinal. The shield, considered as the weakest of weapons eventually makes Naofumi joke of the town. Unfortunately, he is accused of a crime he didn’t commit. He determines to train hard and prove his innocence. His quest to accomplish this aim and the tragedies he is to face build up Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2.

The Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 Release Date Confirmed?

Release date of the season 2 has not being confirmed by the makers yet, but may well release anytime soon in 2020. The makers have also confirmed season 3 with the announcement of season 2 through the official twitter account of the series. Fall of 2020 is the most expected time for the season 2 to be aired.

What New Adventures In Shield Hero season 2?

The trio of Naofumi, Raphtalia and Filo will be once again seen together in the upcoming season. There is also a probability that the trio will get new companions and a new enemy too. It is said to be that this time their enemy will be more supreme and dynamic.

Facing this enemy will be more than an uphill task for Naofumi and his compatriots. Season 2 will continue from the point where season 1 ended when Naofumi transforms into a real hero.

The Rising of The Shield Hero has become a quick sensation among anime lovers with its first season. The series also won several anime awards such as Best Girl and best Voice Performance. Season 1 is streamed on Crunchyroll with Rising of The Shield Hero Season 2 also expected to be streamed on the same.

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