The School Nurse Files Season 2: Release Date, Will The Sequel be out soon?

Introduction of The School Nurse Files Season 2

A Netflix original, The School Nurse Files, is based on Chung Serang’s award-winning 2015 novel School Nurse Ahn Eun-young. Released in September this year, the show attracted a lot of attention for a fantasy comedy. It had all six episodes released on the same day. However, the finesse of the actors and great direction left the audience drooling over the show. When will The School Nurse Files Season 2 release?

The School Nurse Files Season 2: Release Date, Will The Sequel be out soon?

Release Date of The School Nurse Files Season 2

After season 1 was released, the audience kept looking for a release date for Season 2. However, the makers haven’t given out one yet. The novel also doesn’t have a sequel leaving little to no possibility of a Season 2 either.


The Official Announcement

The producers and their social accounts are being closely watched by the fans globally to have news about Season 2. Nonetheless, nothing is confirmed yet. The show did not end with any cliffhanger. But, rumors have it that sometime in 2022, we could have the good news!

The Plot

Well, a small story and a subsequent battle against the bad kind of storyline this one has. Our main lead, Ahn Eun-young, is a young school nurse who is a healer but with supernatural powers. She can see people’s darkest desires which they would never let out. Feelings of jealousy, greed, wrong intentional motives, she can see all in the form of jellies. These jellies could be monster huge or tiny like an ant. She has set out to kill all these propagators of negativity. The lightsaber that she has becomes her identity after some time in the show.

The School Nurse Files Season 2: Release Date, Will The Sequel be out soon?

Enters the hot Chinese language teacher with his set of powers. Nam Joo-hyuk has a protective shield around him that protects him from jellies. However, one day, unknowingly, he opens a door that unleashes all monstrous jellies that now have to be kept away from the school.

The School Nurse Files Season 2: Release Date, Will The Sequel be out soon?

Will Ahn Eun-young and Nam Joo-hyuk successfully team up and save the entire school in this edition of The School Nurse Files? Or will they get engulfed in the dark is for you to check out? Check out the link below.

The Trailer


The Cast

This series has some popular names. To start with, Jung Yu-mi plays Ahn Eun-young, our protagonist Followed by the young and dashing Nam Joo-hyuk who plays the Chinese teacher. We have a set of supporting cast that includes Life Sciences teacher Han Ah-reum (Lee Joo-young)

Teo Yoo plays Mr. Mackenzie, the English teacher.

Lee Suk-Hyung, Hyun Woo-Seok, Kwon Young-chan, Park Se-jin, Song-Hee-Joon, and Shim Dal-gi play the students.

The School Nurse Files is available on Netflix. So those who want to watch it can check it there.

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