The Wolf Among us 2 Launching soon!!! Latest Updates and More!

The Wolf Among 2, an episodic graphic adventure game based on fables comic book series written by Bill Willingham. Telltale Games has developed and published this game under Nick Herman, Dennis Lenart, Jason Latino, Martin Montgomery, Kent Muddle, and Vahram Antonian. It is available on various platforms like Android, iOS, PlayStation, Windows, and Xbox.

The Wolf Among Us 2



This game is based on the third person’s perspective. The gamer has to control the protagonist, Bigby Wolf. He investigates the murder mystery of a woman.

The player explorers different three-dimensional places like a bar, building, or an apartment. He could find the objects which may act as a clue for solving the mystery. Bigby Wolf can examine the clue and store the interesting objects in the inventory. He can also interact with nonplayer characters by reading the conversations presented in the dialogue trees. This interaction can influence the negative or positive effects in the future. However, some action scenes would force him to respond to a series of quick-time event prompts. Skipping certain prompts may influence future events.


The Wolf Among us 2 Official announcements

However, Season 2 was told to be announced in December 2019 by the makers, but due to some financial reasons, telltale games were shut down. Later, it was acquired by LCG Entertainment along with its assets. LCG Entertainment announced, they will be using an unreal engine to built the game.


The Wolf Among us 2 Cast

LCG entertainment confirmed that they wouldn’t compromise with the main characters’ voices, and it will remain the same. To conclude, Adam Harrington will voice Bigby Wolf, and Erin Yvette will voice Snow.

The Wolf Among Us 2

The Wolf Among Us 2 Release date

Hence, LCG Entertainment acquired Telltale games along with its assets. But,  LCG Entertainment will launch the episodic game by January 2021.

The Wolf Among us 2 Teaser

However, a short 47 seconds teaser was released in December 2019, depicting season 2 will be launched soon. Thus, the fans were happy with the teaser. But, if you haven’t watched it, you can watch it here or on the Telltales YouTube handle.

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