‘Tom Cruise’ FILMING IMPOSSIBLE STUNT for Upcoming “Mission Impossible 7” and “Mission Impossible 8”

More facemasks, more double-crossing, and more gravity-defying stunts.

Hollywood heartthrob Tom Cruise is all set to return to the big screen with Mission Impossible 7 and 8. Mission Impossible series is Paramount pictures, one of the most successful series. Films are a follow on from of the hit television series of the same name.

The story follows Agent Ethan Hunt, one of the best agents of spy agency Impossible Mission Force as he and his team take up the impossible missions to save the world. Mission Impossible movies are also famous for their creative, new death-defying stunts carried out by Agent Hunt while he is in action on the field. So far, six Mission Impossible have released and have been loved by fans and critics.

New and Old face

Few details of the cast of the original films have been released. Apart from Tom Cruise, the main protagonist recurring characters such as gadgets expert and new field agent Benji Dunn played by Simon Pegg is set to return along with Ilsa Faust, the MI6 agent played by Rebecca Ferguson. Return of Ving Rhames as the expert computer hacker Luther Stockwell and Jeremy Renner as Williams Brandt has not been confirmed yet.

Some of the new actors who will be joining the cast include Pom Klementeiff, the original femme fatale, Shea Williams in an unconfirmed part, and Nicholas Hoult, who is rumored to be playing a negative role. Details about the plot are kept under wraps, but the seventh movie may end on a cliff hanger as the eighth movie has already been announced.

'Tom Cruise' FILMING IMPOSSIBLE STUNT for Upcoming "Mission Impossible 7" and "Mission Impossible 8"

New Stunts, Breathtaking views, and More Action

Director Christopher McQuarrie has indirectly indicated that film editor Eddie Hamilton may return for the seventh installment of the film. Director Christopher McQuarrie and Editor Eddie Hamilton have collaborated previously and were responsible for creating a much appreciated and thrilling helicopter chase action sequence in the last Mission Impossible film. This news is promising as fans cannot wait to see what new action sequences they will get to see in the two latest installments.

Release Date

Mission Impossible 7 and Mission Impossible 8 are slated for July 23, 2021, and August 5, 2022 release, respectively.

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