“Transformers 7” : ‘The Rise of Unicorn’ is Coming Soon. Is the Transformers best action franchises?? Here’s Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!!!

Future of Transformer 7 is bleak

Transformers is one of the best action franchises. Every adult, kid, loved Optimus Prime leading his group of giant robots in the battle against Megatron and his evil Decepticons. All the Transformer movies performed well at the box-office, but the last movie Transformers: The Last Knight failed to impress critics and fans. As a result, the Production House stopped working on the Transformer franchise.

Bumblebee and Bumblebee 2

Instead, the studio decided to go ahead with a spin-off about Autobot Bumblebee. Bumblebee could not earn as much as the previous movie, but it received favorable reviews from both fans and critics.

Furthermore, Spin-off made the studio realize that there is a demand for the Transformers movie. Acting on the customer sentiment, the studio announced that sequel of the Bumblebee.

Transformers 7

Apart from Bumblebee, rumors of another Transformers movie also floated. This rumored movie will be the seventh movie in the Transformers franchise and may have the title Transformers: Rise of the Unicorn."Transformers 7" : 'The Rise of Unicorn' is Coming Soon. Is the Transformers best action franchises?? Here's Release Date, Cast, Plot and Much More!!!

All these rumors have created more confusion, and a set of new questions have cropped up. A few of these are Will the seventh movie is connected to the previous installment? Or Is the new movie is in some way connected to the spin-off?.

G.I Joe and Transformers crossover?

In addition to that, another possible scenario is that the seventh movie maybe a crossover between Transformer and G.I.Joes. Yes, this may sound crazy, but Producers always wanted to see this happening.

The current scenario may be a good chance for the studio to make it happen. Moreover, the last installment failed at the box-office, so the studio may want to play safe and explore a completely new direction.

Current Position

So far, nothing is official. The studio has not taken any concrete decision. Other details, such as the cast and crew of the film are also undecided. Time will tell us how will Transformers roll out.

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