Umbrella Academy Season 2 coming soon! Can the Cousins save the world? [Leaked] Release Date, Cast & More

With 3rd highest viewership numbers in 2019, Umbrella Academy has been one of the best shows of 2019. A record 45 million subscribers across the globe watched the show. Umbrella Academy achieved this feat by squeaking another amazing Penn Badgley’s thriller ‘You’ by 5 million only.

With these high numbers, Netflix can’t afford to end it at Season 1. Netflix has already signed for Season 2. Season 1 ended wonderfully, leaving viewers in suspense, and now everyone is waiting to get the answer to take a sigh of relief.

Gerard Way is the writer, along with Gabriel Ba. In an interview with Radio Times, Way said, “The goal for us is to stay ahead of the show, and since we’re on series three [of the comics], we are now ahead of the show.

It is a thrilling and exciting wait while wondering the next adventures of the Umbrella Academy’s superheroes.

What will be the diegesis of Season 2?

Umbrella Academy is an adaption of the comic book of the same name that came in 2007. In Season 1, all cousins make all possible efforts to stop Vanya from destroying the world. But, all efforts go in vain as pieces of moon shower on the earth. This happens due to firing by Alison, passing next to Vanya’s ear. It sends an energy wave all the way to the moon, to scatter.

However, this ending didn’t match much with the comic. But we hope to see some more relativity between the comic and TV series, in season 2. At the end of season 1, they all moved back in time. From here, we can pick up a hint. As Season 2: Episode 1’s announced name says – “Right Back Where We Started.”

We can also expect that Season 2 will also revolve more or less around Vanya’s life turns due to trauma and abuses. There’s nothing more than this to guess for Season 2. All we can do is wait.


How many Seasons for show and volumes for comic? 

It all started in 2007 when the comic’s 2 volumes were launched together, namely – Apocalypse Suite and Dallas. Its 3rd volume remained pending since 2nd volume concluded — 3rd volume released in 2018.

Recently, musician-writer Gerard Way said to The Hollywood Reporter that there will be 8 volumes of the novel (referred to as comic earlier). However, they plan to keep the comic ahead of its TV show at all times.

His words are pretty much clear to understand that there will be more seasons in the future. As far as the novel is concerned, we can at least expect Volume 4 to be out very soon.

Who’s there in Umbrella Academy Season 2?


It’s no rocket science to guess who will be there for season 2. All the 7-stars had made Season 1 as a huge hit. They’ll definitely return for Season 2. We know this by the grace of a video released in June 2019 on the show’s official Twitter account. All 7 were there in the video. Have a look at the video –

There is no piece of information about other casts of Season 2. It would have been easier to know who’s under Umbrella’s Umbrella only if we had known more about the plot.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 Release date

Season 2 filming started in June 2019 and wrapped up in November 2019. Considering the earlier words of Blackman, “around 18 months”, we can expect it to arrive on the streamer approximately by the end of 2020 or starting of 2021.

Meanwhile, enjoy some behind the scene snaps on Instagram.

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