[Update] Altered Carbon Season 2: What is Anthony Mackie Role? Will Joel Kinnaman Return? Release Date & other Major Details!!!

As you might’ve read that new season of Altered carbon is on its way to being aired on 27th February 2020, I know most of the questions include why so late, but this season was not at all expected because nobody announces the 2nd season after two years of the 1st one.

Adventures of Takeshi Kovacs based on the book by Richard k Korgan, earlier played by Joel now by Anthony Mackie. The governer of Harlan’s world Danica Harlan played by Lela Loren, Trepp by Simone Missick, Dina Shihabi, playing DIG 30, an artificial agency designed to assist archaeologists and a crime boss Tanaseda Hideki played by James Saito who has quite a hit of power over Harlan’s world.


This series is set in the 23rd century where human mind is digitized, and Souls are flying in the air waiting to find a body to reside in and thinking that You can get downloaded into any century creates a sense of fear, Takeshi Kovacs is one of them all of us have our fingers crossed thinking the new Takeshi Kovacs will be worth the wait.

Getting downloaded to 23rd century and only soul transfer in the place of social media. Let's see how that goes.Altered Carbon Season 1 left the fireworks with the question of who will be alive?

In the last episode, it is shown that Kristin Ortega is coming home to her murdered family, whereas in her mind, she is still trapped in Rei’s chamber of torture, but unfortunately, she is killed by Ghost walker.

The last season also shows Eva finally gets into her real body, Elliots look happy again. They know that Quellcrist falconer remains alive, even if in stack form. There was a kind of hint of the second season in the end. We hope that this season comes with a lot of scientific drama and keeps giving us moments to gasp at the weirdest of moments. Adventures of Takeshi Kovacs have become the teenage fascination nowadays, and to maintain the goodwill Netflix better buckle up.

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